Water coolers CW / LCW

So that the high working precision of machine tools and other machines can be guaranteed, constant spindIe oil, lubrication oil and gear temperatures are mandatory. Obtaining an optimum cooling result depends on many factors. Only through an accurate analysis of the prevailing characteristics can the optimum solutions be found for each application.
Modern cooling systems help to keep operating costs down, with the result that cooled machines and tools last Ionger and work more accurately. Well-regulated cooling leads to higher workpiece throughput and improved quality in the production.

Advantages of water and oil cooling systems

  • Higher precision in the manufacture
  • Very small tolerances possible
  • Improved quality
  • Stable temperatures possible (accurate temperature control ± 0.1 to ± 2 K)
  • Compact, extremely resistant and reliable
  • Energy-efficient (deep water and sewage costs, low electricity costs)
  • No consumption of fresh water required
  • Longer life-time of the cooling medium (oil or water)
  • Low installation costs (no fresh water piping required)
  • Also possibile for very deep and constant water temperatures (LCW series up to – 30 °C)
  • Cooled machines and tools are durable
  • Higher productivity (higher quantity)
  • Cooling systems are ready to connect and ready-to-operate
  • Flexible installation site (independent of the existing pipeline)
  • Various versions with or without tank available
  • Various versions with/without pump possible
  • Compressor temperature-controlled (energy saving), cooling only when necessary
  • Many options for all possible applications available
  • Also available with bundle pipe evaporator (CU) ideal for handling contaminated oil and emulsions
  • Also available as immersion cooler (CI), easy to maintain and clean
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