General informations about enclosure air conditioning

1) Application of an air conditioner when T enclosure < T outside
If for example the environment temperature “T outside” lies clearly over the desired enclosure inside temperature, air conditioner come to application. They work after the principle of a compression chiller. A refrigerant is used as cooling medium. With this, the enclosure temperature can always be kept constantly, independently of the environment temperature. The factory set for air conditioners is 35 °C.

2) Application of an air-water heat exchanger when T enclosure < T outside
The enclosure inside air of these heat exchangers are cooled through a cooling medium. The conducted heat in the enclosure is not released to the environment, but transported away by a water return pipe. It can be reused, for example with a heat recovery installation. This kind of enclosure is often used, if together with the electronics, other areas are cooled with water such as hydraulic oil, transmission oil or high frequency spindles. In most cases, the necessary cool water is generated through a water-cooling system in the “self contained circuit”.

3) Application of an air-air heat exchanger when T enclosure > T outside
Air-air heat exchanger have got two completely divided air circulations. The installed components are protected from outside attacks. At these indirect enclosure air conditioner, a heat exchanger package assigns the heat out of the switchboard cabinet to the cooler environment.

4) Application of fan- and filter units or roof mounted fan- and filter units T enclosure > T outside
Fan- and filter units in combination with an identically constructed filter guarantee a consistent temperature allocation in a switchboard cabinet. They are used especially when little heat capacities must be deviated. The limit of fan- and filter units are reached, when the environment of the enclosure is affected by humidity, chemical substances or high dust attack. In this case air-air heat exchanger come to application.


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