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Succession settled

The long-established Swiss company OLAER (Switzerland) AG, which has its headquarters in Düdingen and a branch in Austria, has arranged its succession plan. Founded over 50 years ago, OLAER (Switzerland) AG has made a name for itself in the steaming, cooling, storage and filtration of liquids. Its high-quality engineering solutions and products have become indispensable for many industrial and mobile applications.

In the second business area of shock absorbers for water and waste water engineering, OLAER (Switzerland) AG is showing strong growth and continually increasing its market share in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The water and waste water technology area is run under the brand “ORELL Tec”.

Manfred Steiner and Denise Brülhart-Mauron will be gradually handing the company over to Rolf Freiburghaus and Donat Pürro. “In Rolf Freiburghaus and Donat Pürro, we have found our ideal candidates”, says Manfred Steiner. “They will continue leading the company in line with our philosophy”, adds Denise Brülhart-Mauron.Manfred Steiner and Denise Brülhart-Mauron will remain with the company as Chairman respectively as Head of Finance & Administration. /















The new management: Rolf Freiburghaus, Denise Brülhart, Donat Pürro


About the company

Olaer (Switzerland) AG was founded on 1 October 1969 by Manfred Steiner in Fribourg, Switzerland as a subsidiary of Olaer France. Beginning with an initial specialisation in hydropneumatic bladder accumulators, Olaer (Switzerland) AG rapidly developed further by expanding its product portfolio in hydraulics and founding subsidiaries in Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

In 2013, Manfred Steiner and his long-time colleague Denise Brülhart acquired Olaer (Switzerland) AG from the US-based Parker Hannifin Corporation, which had bought Olaer Industries (formerly Olaer France) in 2012.

Today, Olaer (Switzerland) AG employees staff in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. With its products and services in the fields of hydraulics and water and waste water engineering, the company is one of the leading players in the Swiss market. It focuses on the continual development of new, innovative and sustainable products and services for both industry and infrastructure. /