Service and maintenance on site

Regular specialist maintenance: a safety PLUS

Bladder shock absorbers operate in a reliable way for many years. Similarly to any technical device, regular checks and maintenance guarantee a proper and safe operation also in case of the shock absorber.

Preventive maintenance pays off. Unneeded, cost-intensive repairs, unforeseen downtimes and sometimes serious consequential damages can be avoided in advance. The PLUS for the operational security of your plant-relevant infrastructure!

We provide planning, coordination and implementation of maintenance directly on site.
Our service team will be pleased to assist you: Please get in touch with us and send your request.

Our all-round carefree package for you:

  • Optical and external technical check of the shock absorber
  • Inspection and, if needed, correction of the nitrogen pre-charge pressure after having relieved the pressure of the plant
  • Unscheduled repair works and reparations after prior coordination and preparing the respective offer
  • Leakage test and operational safety test

The advantages:

  • Calculable and transparent costs thanks to individually tailored service concepts
  • Relief for your own service personnel, no need for any internal maintenance and planning
  • Minimizing system downtimes
  • Ensuring the safety of the plant in case of an emergency
  • Security of the investments
  • Upon request, regular instruction, tutorials, or trainings of the operating personnel
  • A long-term partnership

Container inspection by ZÜS and/or by SVTI

Accompaniment and support during the legally required exams according to the operating safety regulation BetrSichV §15 (PVI) and §16 (WP) by an approved monitoring body (ZÜS) – for example by TÜV in Germany and Austria or by SVTI in Switzerland.