Services Division Water / Waste water

We make simulations, calculations and proposals and pressure measurements at site (with concluding report).
With our flow simulation system, we make calculations and simulations of pressure surges and negative pressure in pump stations or pipe systems. The most frequent calculations are emergency shut-downs for pumps, opening and closing of hydrants and valves and the sourcing of big quantities of water.

With the clear graphic representations, we offer you an interpretation of the system conditions by referring to potential problems. We also make solution proposals. Please ask us.



Service and maintenance on site
Inspection of the vessel by the SVTI/ASIT

Maintenance and control are part of our services. With a maintenance contract, the company ORELL Tec guarantees a regular maintenance and control of this important protection device. Please ask us.

Picture: Service technician Yvo Blanchard in the maintenance of a shock abosorber for waste water.




Important information

We are glad to give you an information about if the tank must be checked or not.
We accompany and support you as well during your regular check with the inspection offices.
Please inform us on time about the deadline of the inspection citation.

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