QPM Gerotor low pressure oil pumps

Compact with electric motor for low noise operation

ORELL Tec’s Low pressure oil pumps QPM3 gerotor type circulators are silent, compact, light and have a low energy consumption in spite of their high performance. Their electric motor and elastic coupling provide for reliable operation and meet the EN standards 60034-1/60072, B3/14. They are available in the following nominal sizes 80, 90,100 and 112.


The special design of the pressure relief groove ensures low flow pulsations and low noise levels. Double-feed gerotor provides excellent suction ability. Dual shaft bearings ensures a long service life. The design of the pressure chambers ensures low pressure pulsations. Few internal parts make the pump light and compact.


The QPM3 is suitable for many application areas and operating conditions:

  • Circulation of oil in cooling and oil filter systems
  • Circulation of oil in industrial hydraulic systems
  • Filling and draining of oil in tanks


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QPM3 10-8-0,25 (5.2 MiB)

QPM3 20-4-0,75 (12.0 MiB)

QPM3 40-4-0,75 (10.1 MiB)

QPM3 60-4-0,75 (23.6 MiB)

QPM3 80-4-0,75 (24.7 MiB)

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