Shock absorber for drinking water DDV / DDH Forced Flow

THE Shock absorber with bladder for drinking water with SVGW and DVGW approval!

The shock aborbers for drinking water series DDV/DDH Forced Flow are used to prevent pressure surges caused by the direct switching on and off of pumps, power failures in pumping stations and by closing hydrants in fire-fighting lines.

The patented Forced flow induces an additional water exchange through the external line as soon as the pump is running. By inserting a short pipe elbow turned against the flow of the main line, a small reduction of the main line cross section is created. 1 to 2 % of the flow rate passes through the small pipe into the damper and returns to the main line through the main connection. This is enough to renew the water in the vessel every 1 to 2 days.


Forced Flow
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Stand prolongation

OLD 1140 - Stand prolongation (325.8 KiB)

Gas side

OLD 1160 - Tester and pressuriser VG U (299.8 KiB)

For pressures up to 40 bar

OLD 1120 - LED Water level display (212.2 KiB)

For pressures from 40 bar

OLD 1115 - Magnetic level indicator (330.7 KiB)

OLD 1116 - Magnetic switch (115.1 KiB)



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